Henry County, Indiana Cemetery Commission

2007 Day of Caring at Hillsboro Cemetery

The Henry County Cemetery Commission, Hillsboro Cemetery Trustee Gene Clark, and about two dozen other volunteers worked hard this day doing major cleanup at the cemetery.  Many tombstones were cleaned, repaired, and reset.  Trees were trimmed and all trash and other debris was picked up and put in a pile to be burned later.  Thanks to Jeff Wasner, Jason Noble, Ashlie Wilkinson, Chris Ingram, Jed LeDue, Sherry Correl, Amber Burton, Debbie Caster, Tara Carter, Amy Adams, David Malone, Cindy Chesher, Donna Tauber, Ken and Ann Holmes, Angela Tielking, Bud Bush, Gene Clark, Elizabeth and Tracy Sharp and any other volunteer that showed up that day.